Television Show, “Clouds, The Series,” Is Rooted in Oakland Life


Amidst the quickly changing face of Oakland and its deeply rooted culture we see the emergence of a unique in depth portrayal of the Town and the many different people who live here. “Clouds The Series” is a television show based in Oakland.



“The show is a Metaphor for my life in Oakland. The show has been rooted in and driven by the community which came together to help me and Theo make the show. “ said Obatala Mawusi who is the Director on the project along with Theo Hollingsworth, the Producer.


Some of the cast and crew
Some of the cast and crew

“Clouds” follows the path of Malcolm played by Josh Neal whose girlfriend, Iman played by Tristan Cunningham, breaks up with him.


In one of the trailers we get to see the two of them pre-breakup sitting by Lake Merritt while going back and forth picking a person and then saying what song they think fits them.


After their breakup Malcolm comes up with the idea for a dating app which matches you with other people based on your music preferences.


The goal of “Clouds, The Series” is to capture the essence of Oakland and give people the opportunity to have an honest look at this place called Oakland which has remained an influential hub on a global level.


“Our culture here in Oakland is worth seeing on television. Like Lake Merritt you don’t see that kind of thing in other cities in other parts of the country, only in parts of the world like in Morocco. “ said Obatala.


This show does that while exploring the lives of those we meet along the way.



“I get pissed every time I see the Warriors and then they cut away to a picture of the City (S.F.). People always came over here and stole stuff and left. You wanna go through hip hop and soul and how many legends came through Oakland and were recorded in Oakland.” Said Obatala.


The show is truly Oakland and you see that through the various people who are featured in different scenes such as Jazz Hudson and Leon Sykes aka “DNas” people who if you’re tapped into the culture here you probably have run into at some point.



Also the music soundtrack for the show keeps it true to Oakland using artists like Erk the Jerk and Beejus both who truly capture the culture of Oakland which we love so much.


You also get the chance to see different locations which people frequent such as Halftime Sports Bar which Jazz Hudson is co-owner of, The Wood Tavern and Lake Merritt.


Oakland has long been known as a stronghold for militancy in fighting for the rights of black and brown people and being home to people from all across the globe.



Today we see this changing with the gentrification of Oakland which is still in progress and in San Francisco which has been almost completely taken over by gentrifiers.


While the team is working on getting a deal for the series you can keep up with screenings through the team’s social media.


Check their website or on Facebook, “Clouds, The Series. “


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