Oakland’s Own Breathing Aerobics Teacher Moonlights as an Uber/Lyft Driver


Jonathan “Fitness” Jones, the creator of Breathing Aerobics, teaches Oakland and San Francisco techies quick and simple deep breathing techniques that help them manage work place stress and increase their creative energy.



Due to unfortunate circumstances, in December 2015, the martial art studio where Jones taught was closed down. He told his partner that he would begin driving for Uber/Lyft in January so that he could teach the techies how to breathe and promote his business.


Since most of his riders live in Oakland or want to live in Oakland, he provides an historical and cultural education that is well received. Jones says, “Being an Uber/Lyft driver is one of the best things that could have happened to me. It allows me to connect with people I wouldn’t otherwise connect with. I can share my passion for improved health through deep breathing.”


For more information, go to www.breathingaerobics.com


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