49ers Return To Kezar For Practice


San Francisco, CA – The 49ers took a break from training camp and returned to a stadium that they once called home. San Francisco played their last game on January 3, 1971 at Kezar Stadium before moving to Candlestick Park. A crowd of up to 10,00 showed up to get a look at a team that didn’t end on a high note last year. 


A new head coach and a starting quarterback that has yet to be named. Chip Kelly will make that announcement on Friday after practice on who will start in the preseason opener this Sunday against the Houston Texans. Until then we wait to see if Colin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert get the starting spot.


“We’ll wait until after Houston’s practice to evaluate everybody at every position,” said Kelly. “You don’t know where you’re going to be until you get there. Because we get that practice with Houston, we won’t do anything until after that practice.”


The 49ers get a chance to practice against their opponent before Sunday’s game. An excellent way to get a better look at talent before making decisions down the stretch. This will be the fifth time these two teams have matched up in the preseason. The fans got a glimpse of their favorite players and a chance to see their new head coach in action.


“It’s a great way to gauge yourself,” Kelly said in regards to practicing with the Texans. “I’ve done it in the past a couple of times with the Patriots and once with the Ravens. We thought it was quality work in three years that we did it. We’re going to do it twice this year, not only with Houston but then next week when we go to Denver.”


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