Uber Agrees to Meet Oakland Local Leaders After Community Pressure


After weeks of pressure from Oakland nonprofits and community organizations, Uber has agreed to set up a meeting with a small group of local leaders to discuss the possibility of providing community benefits to Oakland as the tech giant prepares to make the city its world headquarters. 


“We are looking forward to meeting with representatives from Uber next week,” said Orson Aguilar, president of the Greenlining Institute.


“We’re hopeful that Uber wants to do the right thing for Oakland and that this will start a process of dialogue that will benefit all of Oakland,” he said.


Last month, dozens of local leaders met to dis- cuss how to ensure that Uber and other large tech companies step up to fulfill their social responsibility to provide community benefits, including affordable housing, support for nonprofits, and jobs for unemployed Oaklanders and the formerly incarcerated.


The initial meeting, sponsored by the Green- ling Institute and the Oakland Post Newspaper, was held in the offices of PolicyLink in downtown Oakland.


Then two weeks ago, an open letter signed by a number of community leaders was sent to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and published in the Oakland Post.


The letter asked for a meeting with Kalanick and a small group of the letter’s signatories to discuss how the global corporation can provide benefits to offset the negative impacts that it and other large tech companies are having on the economy and quality of life in Oakland.



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