Post Salon: Jobs and African Americans


This week’s Post Salon, “Jobs AND African Americans,” will be held Sunday, Sept. 11, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle, 410 14th St. in Oakland.



The panelists and community discussion will focus on what Oaklanders are doing to fight displacement by struggling for African-Americans to obtain a fair share of the jobs in the city.


African Americans at present make up 28 percent of the city and have three times the unemployment rate of whites. Black people are only getting 5 percent of the hours on city- funded construction projects.


Speakers will discuss:

Winning decent paying warehouse jobs at the new Port of Oakland logistics project;

Ensuring city-funding of the job resource centers that are the major pipeline for jobs for many low income workers Working for Uber to institute a socially responsible jobs policy in Oakland.


Reinvigorating a city jobs policy that was passed in 2008 but not implemented.


Uniting to support the “Oakland Opportunity Challenge,” aimed at obtaining a fair portion of employment for African American residents in every workplace in every job category.


For more information, call (510) 287-8200.


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