No Time To Panic Yet, Giants Are Still OK


San Francisco, CA – It may seem like the Giants are spiraling into an unknown abyss. It’s not time to panic yet, they’ve been here before. Does San Francisco remember they had the best record in baseball headed into the MLB All-Star game? Absolutely, their mindset then hasn’t changed today.


Unable to pinpoint what’s been the catalyst to their loses, Giants manager Bruce Bochy thinks some time off is the key. Many players have been given a day off here and there. And today they had batting practice canceled. The guys will use this time to hit in the cages and work on their own.


“Decided to give them a break off the field,” said Bochy. “We didn’t hit too much yesterday and just looks like we’ve been dragging a little. I just wanted to give them a break to freshen up.”


Headed into tonight’s four-game series opener against the St. Louis Cardinals. San Francisco looks to turn a three-game losing streak around. They currently trail the Los Angeles Dodgers by 5.0 games in the National League West. The Giants still own a half-game lead over the New York Mets for the National League’s top wild-card playoff spot.


It’s definitely a tight race as the Cardinals are 1.0 game behind San Francisco. This series is very important for the Giants to stay ahead with three NL teams vying for two wild-card spots. If you look at the matchups, San Francisco haven’t had good numbers against the Cardinals. Tonight, Johnny Cueto takes the mound against Adam Wainwright.


“There’s no option but to play well at this point,” catcher Buster Posey said. “That’s the crazy thing about baseball compared to other sports. You can have a great win or a terrible loss but you still have to be out there the next day ready to go.”


The Giants have to forget about being swept by the San Diego Padres and focus on tonight’s game. Wainwright has the win advantage compared to Cueto whose lone win came earlier this season in a 5-1 victory in St. Louis. Wainwright has the win advantage thus far, he’s 2-1 with a 1.71 ERA while Cueto is 1-2 with a 1.42 ERA in the times they’ve faced each other.


Dating back to 2014, the Cardinals have won each of their last four regular-season series against San Francisco. While the Giants have won three World Series dating back to 2010. Despite the regular season wins, San Francisco has gone the distance in 2010, 2012 and 2014 by winning the pennant.


“We’re still in position where we can get there and if we keep fighting,” said Bochy. “You’ve always try to draw on any experience you’ve had in the past (good or bad). We never stop trying to win the division. We’ve been in this situation where we were three games back, with three to go and we ended up winning the division so anything can happen.”


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