Open Letter by Black and Latino Leaders to Local Elected Officials


The following is an open letter describing the platform of the African American Latino Action Alliance (AALAA) for the 2016 election cycle:


We are African, Indigenous and Latino men organized to improve mental, economic and political outcomes for Black and Brown boys and young men, their families and communities in the Bay Area, with an immediate focus on Oakland and Alameda County. 


African American and Latino young people are resilient survivors, creators and leaders. Our families and respective communities have fought successfully to survive in the face of a legacy of racism and state-sponsored challenges and barriers.


Public resources historically have not been allocated to our communities. Instead, the public systems and institutions that should serve the interest and needs of African American and Latinos, all too often miss the mark or are nearly absent.


The results are a misguided juvenile and adult justice system, mass incarceration, police misconduct and the disgraceful disparities in education, mental and physical health, housing and jobs.


Therefore, we are committed to advancing a policy framework of Justice Reinvestment that divests from current systems policies and practices that harm us.


We demand the reallocation of resources into restorative, re- generative and culturally-rooted systems of care for our families and respective communities.


We want the Oakland City Council, the Oakland Unified School District Board, Alameda County Board of Supervisors and State Senate and Assembly incumbents as well as individuals running for elected offices to pledge to support and endorse the issues outlined in this platform for justice reinvestment that would be reflected in the budget process and choices you make and the policies and practices that would be accordingly targeted for reform.


Signed by:


Joe Brooks, Co-Chair, Chris Iglesias, Co-Chair, Orson Agui- lar, Ron Bridgeforth, George Galvis, Gerald Green, Jose Dorado, Michael Shaw, Rasheed Shabazz, Jose Corona, Arnold Perkins, Paul Flores, Ricardo Huerta, Robert Phillips, Ignacio Ferrey, Calvin Williams, Diego Gonzalez, Quinton Sankofa, Howard Pinderhughes, David Sanchez, Fred Blackwell III, Richard Raya, Jim Hill, Hector Sanchez-Flores, Greg Hodge, John San- tos, Jason Seals, Kweli Tutashinda, Michael Hermosillo, Aman Sebahtu, Jerry Tello, Wade Nobles, Terrance Holliday, Kelvin Potts, Qa’id Aqeel, Fred G. Blackwell and Paul Cobb


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