BeautyTech, BabyTech, Join FitTech, HealthTech at CES 2017 Las Vegas





CES 2017 Las Vegas is the continuation of the expansion of the word “tech”. First, it was HeathTech, or tech devices for healthcare. Then there was “FitTech” which refers to tech gadgets for working out and fitness. Now, we have, and for the second year at CES, BeautyTech and Baby Tech. (Zennie62 , Zennie Abraham coverage of CES 2017 is sponsored by The Oakland Post and Sigma Technologies Global. Be sure to subscribe to Zennie62 on YouTube.)




Overall, the establishment of these subsections of “tech” reflect the growing number of startups and gadgets that apply modern micro-computer electronics and programming to help solve problems we face in our everyday lives (like when to take a medication or measuring blood pressure reliably when a doctor is not available) or make some aspect of our daily practices easier to do.




I vividly recall standing at the steps in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall two years ago, and marveling at how one section in front of me had grown between that year, 2013, and the previous CES 2012: The HealthTech Area, or technical gadgets with a healthcare focus. Then, in 2014, that area was changed and added fit models riding stationary bikes, and running, and wearing not much at all, and to the objective of getting you to check out the newest in something called FitTech, which others call Wearable Tech. The ruler of the roost was a then seven-year-old company called FitBit.




Now, FitBit is a public company worth $4 billion, and worried about the large and growing number of startups aiming to under-cut its dominance with devices like Skulpt Chisel, which I vlogged about at CES 2016. Much fun was had with the amazing Laura Myren, who explains that it measures body fat and muscle quality. Just the thing for after-gym evaluation of your workout.







Ok, so what’s BeautyTech and BabyTech all about?




Well, while all that’s happening, other entrepreneurs are pivoting toward two related and even more concentrated areas of Wearable Tech: BeautyTech and BabyTech.




As CES itself explains in introducing the Baby Tech Summit, the term focuses on devices “From smart car seats and breast pumps to at-home medical diagnostics tools and cutting-edge cognitive learning wearables.” BabyTech is so new as a niche that a search reveals as the top-most Google result, the blog for the 2016 CES BabyTech Summit. There’s no dominant player in this area – yet.




The same can be said for BeautyTech, which one observer, Arabelle Sicardi, wrote at was really about robot makeup artists, but since that advancement has not been introduced yet, we will have to make do with such creations as “Metaverse Nails”. Sicardi explains that Metaverse Nails are “augmented reality, 3-D printed nails that work in conjunction with your phone. In order to get the entire experience, you have to download the corresponding app on either the Apple Store or Google Play. It’s a cool, deeply kawaii app, something you can get lost in for a while lubricated by your own boredom or a lot of weed. Highly stoner-friendly, and perfect for those with the attention span and aesthetic inclinations of an uber-feminine six year old.”




Which Sicardi says she is.




Stay tuned for more on BeautyTech, Baby Tech, and FitTech from Zennie62 at CES 2017, Las Vegas.


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