Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Relocation Not Reviewed By NFL Media Reports Fake News


The Oakland Raiders are not in Las Vegas, and are not the Las Vegas Raiders. This news comes as some media outlets openly write fake news that the Silver and Black are either headed to Las Vegas from Oakland, or that the move has already been approved. Raiders fans, neither of those claims is true at all. As I explain on my Zennie62 at YouTube video here (you can also bookmark Zennie62blog.com for more news or visit the Oakland Post), the Oaktown Raiders have only filed for relocation with the National Football League: 






According to Eric Grubman, NFL Executive Vice President for Business Affairs, there’s more to be done, much more. Grubman said An application has two basic parts:





1. A notice that the Club is formally requesting permission to move; an





2. Supporting documentation and information supporting the application.





Grubman says that Item #1 is very short, basically a letter, whereas Item #2 is very long. “It is all the financial information, materials related to stadium location design, contracts/agreements/leases, and so forth and so on. Item #1 is easy to understand. Item #2 will take a long time to study and analyze.”





Grubman remarked via email “From here, we will begin to map out the necessary internal meetings and committee meetings necessary to put the Committees in a position to make a recommendation to the Membership at a full league meeting. During the internal and committee process, we will ask questions of the Raiders and get further information/explanations as necessary.”





Where things are right now, is Las Vegas has a lot to do before it can even claim to be ready for an Oakland Raiders relocation, let alone a positive NFL Owners Meeting review. I talk about the problems in this Zennie62 vlog:









Basically, The Oakland Raiders NFL relocation filing is the same approach as was done in 2015 leading to 2016 by the Raiders for the Carson, California relocation attempt which would have put them in the same stadium as the San Diego Chargers. So all the Raiders will do is refiled the same basic documents, with some adjustments here and there.





Those documents contain the Raiders rather slanted complaints about the Oakland Coliseum as it is now. But what one must question is why the Raiders themselves have never pursued rebuilding the Coliseum stadium? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said (video at Zennie62 on YouTuibe) that the Raiders are partially to blame for not having a new stadium in Oakland.









Is this what he meant?





Everyone knows Las Vegas has a weaker media economy than Oakland does. Oakland rests at the center of the giant San Francisco Bay Area. The SF Oakland Bay Area is three times larger than Las Vegas. A Raiders move would be nuts, to say the least.





Las Vegas must add over 20,000 manufacturing jobs before it can be considered ready to host an NFL team. Vegas’ economy is too much based on tourism; it must have a robust export sector.





Stay tuned.


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