SF Women’s March Drew 1 Million, Not 100,000 – Recall 2010 SF Giants World Series Celebration


The San Francisco Women’s March Drew 1 million people, and not 100,000 as the so-called “official” crowd count reported. In fact, the San Francisco Police circa 2016 had no idea how to count the crowd, but wha’t so funny strange is that in 2010, the SFPD were not shy about giving a crowd count for the SF Giants World Series Celebration held at City Hall Plaza. Then, the report was 1 million, and I was there one of them.






What’s not done in crowd counting is considering “throughput” – people coming and then going, and others coming and later leaving. That happened pretty much from 12 noon to 6 PM on Saturday. So the SFPD crown count measurement period may have been a snapshot for the early part of the day, but for anyone down there and walking around for a while, you know there were amazing numbers of people. Just like in 2010




Then, people filled City Hall Plaza, and just as they did for the SF Women’s March (watch my Zennie62 on YouTube video playlist above). BART’s San Francisco Civic Center Station was just as crowded and clogged then as on Saturday. The only difference was the weather: rain and at times a complete downpour on Saturday, versus bright, sunny skies for the San Francisco Giants in 2010. But, even with the rain, the people marched in by the thousands and kept coming in waves. Every part of City Hall Plaza was populated.




The one difference between the SF Women’s March and the 2010 SF Giants World Series Celebration at San Francisco City Hall Plaza was the stage for the 2010 event was in front of City Hall, whereas the platform for the Women’s March was just next to Hyde Street on the opposite end of the plaza, and between the Main Library and the Asian Art Museum.




That was space left wide open during the 2010 celebration. So how can the SF Police say that the SF Giants World Series Celebration drew 1 million and the SF Women’s March Drew 100,000? Easy. They didn’t even try to count – someone just blurted out a number, but careful not to give a big one because they didn’t want to sound like they were down for the cause. You know?








Look. The SF Women’s March Drew 1 Million, Not 100,000. Got it? Cool.


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