A Gentleman’s Brunch Society Is Inspired by Les Brown


“We put the “G” back in Gentlemen.”

On Saturday, January 28, a beautiful, sunny day at the Scottish Rite Temple at Lake Merritt in Oakland, Rev. Randy Rowden and his cousin, Theodies Foreman, brought a wonderful group of fine young men to be motivated by world-renowned speaker Les Brown.

The venue was filled to capacity.

Rev. Rowden believes in young people and along with his cousin, Theodies Foreman, who has worked for over 25 years with Job Corps on Treasure Island, brought a group of more than 20 young men to the event.

“Our goal is to elevate our young people through the art of dressing and building their self-esteem, and introducing gentlemanly qualities back into our society,” says Rev. Rowden, who is owner of Oxford Way Tailoring & Custom Suits, in Oakland, CA.

“It’s fun,” said Omar Brown, a young man in 8th grade in Sacramento. He has been with the Brunch Society for only two months and said, “I like getting to meet new people. We do not feel like outcasts.”

The Brunch Society was established three years ago, and came from a 2011 campaign called, “Putting the G Back in Gentlemen”.  From that campaign Rev. Rowden founded fadpreventionprogram.org, but the roots of his efforts started at Evergreen Baptist Church, under J. L. Richard, in 1981.

Rev. Rowdon has been committed to lifting up young people ever since.

The Brunch Society draws members from the community at large, from churches, and other referrals, and some present on Saturday, were from Treasure Island.

Theodies Foreman, accompanying the Brunch Society, and a teacher with Job Corps for over 25 years, said, “The young people attending were inspired and happy to hear the motivational ideas that they will integrate into everyday activities. It is empowerment for these young people.”

The next event for the group is the 3rd annual Easter Contest. Everyone is asked to submit photos of their Easter finery worn on Sunday, April 16, through the Oxford Easter Contest Facebook page, where they can sign up.

For more information on the Gentleman’s Brunch Society, go to:  www.oxfordwaytailoring.com, or call 510-922-9300.


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