Sculpture of Historic Leader Byron Rumford Produced by Bay Area News Anchor Dana King



Sculptor and former news anchor Dana King who the artist who created the larger-than-life size bronze sculpture of historic political leader William Byron Rumford, located in Berkeley on Sacramento Street.

Rumford was a pharmacist and a politician. He was the first African American elected to a state public office in Northern California. He began his term as representative of the 17th assembly district in January 1949.

                       Byron Rumford sculpture

The Rumford sculpture is located in Berkeley on Sacramento Street near Ashby Avenue, nearly across from the Rumford Clinic, the location of the former assemblyman’s pharmacy.

King was a Bay Area broadcast journalist for 25 years. She won five Emmy’s, two Edward R. Murrow awards and two Gracie’s. She retired in 2012.

King went back to art school to obtain her Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2008. She took a course with master sculptor Philippe Faraut in 2010, which directed her artistic pursuit to sculpture.

“I can’t speak for other artists, but it seems to me that the challenge of being an artist today and every day is to keep moving forward,” King said. “Art has the power to move people and help them see things differently.”

Her home is filled with the art of others because she is inspired by their creativity. The power of art is that it inspires, it gives voice to ideas and issues, and it projects the possibilities of what can be, she said.
King is working on other pieces, committed to making art available to the public.

Her work is represented by the Thelma Harris Gallery, an Oakland institution, furthering the importance of African American art and artists for decades.


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