McClymonds High Cultural Exchange Leaves for South Africa



McClymonds High School “Culture Keepers” left Tuesday for two-week trip to South Africa.

On Tuesday afternoon, the group met up in the “Plaza of Peace” (the school’s quad area) for a community “Send Off” circle.

The Culture Keepers included 23 high school students, one middle school student, three college students and nine mentors. In preparation for the trip, they focused on identity development, research, digital storytelling and cultural exchange.

For the past few months, they have been busy trying to raise money for their trip. Even though they have their tickets, they are still fundraising to cover all costs.

“I felt really supported at last year’s ‘Send Off’ circle,” said McClymonds High senior Axia Fuller. “It was good to see the people from our community come out to support our journey to Johannesburg.”

The community has been a huge support in helping to make this trip become a reality, said coordinator Kharyshi Wiginton, who is thankful people came out to join the sendoff circle.

“It is important for our youth to stand in front of family and community, to know that people are watching and bearing witness to this experience. They are going on this trip, representing many who could only dream of having an experience like this,” said Wiginton.

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