Awareness of the California EITC Spread in Marin City



CalETIC4Me, a statewide outreach and education campaign to spread awareness of the the first-ever state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and help eligible families get their share of the $295 million allocated by the state for the EITC.

Marin Democrats and Performing Stars recently partnered with CalEITC4me to spread awareness of the tax credit and help working families before the April 18th tax deadline.

“Through our outreach and education efforts working families throughout the state have learned about CalEITC and have claimed cash back refunds to pay for necessities like housing, food, clothing, and transportation,” said Josh Fryday, President of CalEITC4Me.

In its first year, CalEITC cash-back refunds to low-income working Californians totaled nearly $200 million.

Fryday believes  getting the word out is critical because nearly $2 billion of unclaimed federal EITC is left on the table by eligible lower income working Californians each year.

Fryday said, “The benefits of a boost in income extend beyond the immediate. Studies show that children of low-income families that claim EITC live healthier lives and do better in school.”

Ultimately, the economic impact of this program is expected to add hundreds of millions of dollars to the state’s economy in income, business sales, new jobs, and tax revenue.

CalEITC4ME, an initiative of Golden State Opportunity, is a one-stop, multilingual online hub of information and interactive resources.

To learn more about CalEITC4Me, visit

To learn more about Golden State Opportunity, the organization focused on creating economic security for everyone, visit


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