Kyla Johnson-Trammell Named New Superintendent of Schools


The Oakland Board of Education announced Wednesday evening that it had picked local veteran school administrator Kyla Johnson-Trammell to become the Oakland Unified School District’s new superintendent.

Johnson-Trammell, 41, a third-generation Oakland resident,  grew up in East Oakland, attending Montclair Elementary and Montera Middle schools.

She has worked for 18 years in district schools as an elementary teacher, principal and administrator. Her mother was a principal in the district.

Johnson-Trammell was hired as OUSD interim deputy superintendent in February after previous Superintendent Antwan Wilson resigned in mid-year to take a job as chancellor of Washington, D.C. schools.

“I am honored by this opportunity to guide such an important organization in my hometown,” she said. “To lead the teachers and staff of OUSD has been a dream of mine since I first stepped into a classroom as a professional.”

She will not officially become the next superintendent until she negotiates and signs a contract, and the job would begin July 1.

Announcing the hiring decision at the board meeting, Board of Education President James Harris said that Johnson-Trammell “embodies what it means to be of this town. She knows what it means to be from the town.”

Interim Supt. Devin Booker said, “Kyla is going to do a wonderful job working for you as superintendent.”

Trish Gorham, president of the Oakland Education Association (OEA), the teachers’ union said, “I want to thank the board for making a decision that” that was in line with what the people wanted in a new superintendent.

“I know here personally, and I believe she will bring Oakland back to Oakland and will bring an Oakland team back to Oakland,” said Gorham.

“She is the candidate who can start the healing in the district. ¨

The Justice for Oakland Students Coalition issued a statement Thursday saying, “Together, we got the board to stop the revolving door of superintendents and hire a leader with local roots and a life-long commitment to Oakland kids.”


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