It’s finally here, Warriors vs Cavs’ in NBA Finals rematch

Photo by Eric Taylor

The best two teams in the NBA went undefeated through the first two rounds. But it was the Warriors that set a new record by sweeping the San Antonio Spurs making their fete the best in the league. Twelve straight wins has yet to be done by any team and Golden State never passes up an opportunity to be apart of the history books.

Many will say it’s the addition of Kevin Durant that sparked this accomplishment. While others can argue Golden State is better without him. One fact remains true, the Warriors play the best team ball in the league. Collectively they dominate every opponent by dropping 3’s while Draymond Green sparks the defense.

Four games away from recording their second championship in three years, Golden State has one obstacle.  LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers will be the last obstacle before any celebration can begin.  The reigning champs reveled in their victory at Oracle arena last year when they came back from being down 3-1 in the Finals.

Well, it’s a rematch of great proportions. For the third straight year the Warriors will face the Cavs for what is clearly the best rivalry in the NBA. Without a doubt these are the two best teams from both coasts.

Cleveland failed to sweep the Boston Celtics before claiming a 4-1 victory in the series win tonight when they beat the Celtics 135-102. Las Vegas picks Golden State as the favorite to win the NBA championship while the Cavs will use everything they’ve got to prove those stats wrong.

This time there will be no karate kicks from Green who frustrates James on defense every time. Last season James had a flagrant foul overturned leading to a suspension for Green changing the moment shift toward Cleveland. A more mature Warriors team won’t let that be the excuse this time.

While no one can stop James from whining to the referees, its pretty clear the best competition of the playoffs will start June 1st. It’s finally here! Its what we’ve all been waiting for, two teams that can push the series to a possible seven games.  Something we have yet to see in the playoffs this year.

James specifically remembers the comments made about Golden States champagne smell that was left in the visiting locker room back in 2015 when they became the NBA champs. The Cavs got their revenge when they celebrated their victory at Oracle last season.  And continued to take disc, James donned a t-shirt that said Ultimate Warrior at the parade.  And on Halloween Cleveland made fun of their 3-1 comeback in the Finals.

Well, it appears the Warriors have the upper hand this time. Back to the Finals this year 12-0 is the best start by a team in the league. Golden State has yet to play their best basketball.  They’re focus is 4 more games and that’s it.

For the first time in the 2017 playoffs we’ll see the best two teams battle for an opportunity to kiss the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy one more time. Both the Warriors and Cavs have won it each.  But this time expect more drama, more aggressive basketball and TV ratings to increase.  At last, it’ll be entertainment at its best.


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