Construction Begins for 79 Units of Miraflores Senior Housing in Richmond


Rendering of the Miraflores Senior Housing development. Courtesy of Eden Housing.

Construction is in full swing on the 79-unit Miraflores affordable housing development for seniors.

The development, located at Wall Ave. and South 49th Street, is expected to be completed in summer 2018.

The senior housing complex is part of a broader plan to transform the area just west of Interstate Highway 80, which was once owned by three Japanese families (Sakai, Oishi, and Endo) who operated nurseries there for about 100 years.

                                                   Photo of construction: Photo courtesy of City of Richmond.

In 2006, the city’s redevelopment agency purchased the site for about $7.6 million.

Along with the Miraflores senior housing complex, construction is expected to begin in December on new market-rate housing in the area, with completion tentatively scheduled for July 2021.

The development includes day lighting a 750-foot stretch of Baxter Creek and creating a 4-acre public park that includes a bike and pedestrian pathway connecting to the Richmond Greenway and Macdonald Avenue.

Existing structures from the historic Japanese nurseries, including a greenhouse, water tower and the Sakai Family Home, will be preserved for the new development, according to the East Bay Times.

Courtesy of Richmond Standard


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