Community Seeks Waterfront Park to Save View of the Bay

Hundreds of community members have signed a petition to the board of the East Bay Regional Park District requesting that they purchase or lease property near the Port of Oakland for a waterfront park to preserve a Bay view for the public.
“Jack London” George Rowan Jr. presented the petition, which has been signed by over 700 people, to the district prior to the June 6 board meeting.
According to Judge John Sutter, the property would blend in beautifully with the Bay Trail. Without a park, the public would face “ a wall of motels,” with no waterfront view for Oaklanders and visitors to the city.
The piece of property, known as 1441-1551 Embarcadero, is located next to the Executive Inn at Brooklyn Basin.
“The people of Oakland and our guests deserve a ‘water view.’ The waterfront park would be an attraction to Oakland and the Port of Oakland for future generations,” said Post publisher Paul Cobb.


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