Kalanick’s  Departure Gives Uber a New Chance in Oakland, Says  Community Coalition


Greenlining Institute President Orson Aguilar, who helped organize the “No Uber Oakland” campaign, made the following statement in reaction to the announcement that Travis Kalanick has resigned as CEO of Uber:

“Travis Kalanick’s departure represents an opportunity that Uber must seize,” said Aguilar. “Uber offers a popular service but simply can’t survive in the long run as a company that’s disliked and distrusted everywhere you go. Uber can show it’s serious about making a new start by having a real dialogue with the Oakland community about how it will operate as it enters our city. We’ve laid out a 10-point platform that can be a starting point for a productive relationship between Uber and Oakland.”

He added, “If Uber is serious about reforming, it should embrace that platform and start a meaningful dialogue with the community about how to implement it.”

To read the campaign’s demands, go to http://nouberoakland.org/demands/


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