Fouché Foundation Fund  Announces Grant Opportunity in Vocational Education

Aloysia Fouché (left) and Mary Savoie-Stephens, Consultant, Fouché Hudson Funeral Home.
Aloysia Fouché (left), founder of the Fouché Foundation  and Mary Savoie-Stephens, Consultant, Fouché Hudson Funeral Home.
Aloysia Fouché has had a lifelong commitment to serving and supporting her community. First, as an educator, teacher and principal in public schools, and next as a business partner to her husband, Aramis Fouché, who owned Fouché’s Hudson Funeral Home in Oakland.
She has operated the funeral home on her own since his death in 2001.  In 2015, under her ownership, the funeral home achieved 100 years in business and earned the distinction as the oldest African-American owned funeral business in the Western Region of the United States.
However, when she herself was inducted into Alameda County’s 2016 Women’s Hall of Fame, she decided it was time for her to think about accomplishing her own dream: to start a foundation and to continue to give back to the community. When Aloysia Fouché created the Fouché Foundation Fund, a donor-advised fund managed by Richmond Community Foundation, her vision is for this community to embrace, to value and to depend on vocations that enhance and improve the lives of individuals and the community.
She feels strongly that individuals that uncover their true passions and purpose for a vocation can reach their goals with determination and help. Fouché’s Foundation wants to help.
Therefore, the Fouché Foundation Fund will offer financial assistance to individuals in the community with a vision and determination to pursue a vocation through Training /Skills programs, Entrepreneurial ventures or Degree attainment: “Let us help you attain your vocation”.
The Fouché Foundation Fund is accepting applications for grants. The deadline is Sept. 1.
Email [email protected] for grant application or for more information.


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