Fam 1st Family Foundation Recognized As Top California Nonprofit

Caption: State Senator Skinner (right) and Brije Gammag, interim program director of Director Fam First Family Foundation

State Senator Nancy Skinner honored Fam 1st Family Foundation on June 28 for the 2nd Annual California Nonprofits day, hosted by the California Association of Nonprofits.

Fam 1st Family Foundation is an organization that “empowers and educates, aiming to build self-esteem and academic learning skills in underprivileged youth.”

The foundation was established in 2006 and officially formed in 2011 to improve the lives of children by mentoring them on the importance of education, literacy and self-esteem. Fam 1st was launched by Joshua Johnson (QB, SF 49ers) \ and Marshawn Lynch (RB, Seattle Seahawks) who themselves have overcome a significant amount of adversity in their lives.

Additionally, AT&T honored two Oakland organizations on Friday June 30 at the Investing in California Awards: Planting Justice and Youth Alive.


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