Oakland Family Looking for Missing Daughter


The last time Taquoise Newberry saw her daughter Larissa Oliver was on June 5 at a hearing with the Alameda County Department of Social Services.

Larissa, a 15-year old special needs child had run away.  The court determined that she should be placed in a group home and was sent to Stockton.

Two days later, on June 7, for unknown reasons, she was expelled from the group home and sent back to the Hayward Assessment Center.
On June 9, Larissa walked out of the Hayward Assessment Center.

A week passed before the police department called Ms. Newberry to inform her that her daughter was missing, then informed her that they wanted her back in court.

The purpose of the court hearing was to give Ms. Newberry custody of her missing child.  Alameda County Family Services is not returning Ms. Newberry’s calls, and neither the Hayward Police Department or Sheriff’s Department is looking for Larissa.

Ms. Newberry has turned to Adamika Village to help find her daughter.

Adamika Village’s “stopkillingourkids” movement has been extremely successful in helping parents who have lost loved ones to violence and finding missing children and children who have been lured into human trafficking.

Adamika Village and Richmond Street Angels are currently handing out flyers throughout the community, giving them to bus drivers and police officers in hopes of finding Larissa.

Adamika Village is scheduled to hold a “Where is Larissa Oliver?” rally Friday at 5:30 p.m. at Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall to demand the Alameda County Family Services Department and Police find Larissa Oliver.


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