Curry Optimistic In Making Ellie Mae Classic


Hayward, CA – Perfect weather for a day on the green, Stephen Curry took advantage of the quiet time before the Tours, Ellie Mae Classic kicks off this Thursday at TPC Stonebrae Country Club. Curry along with a few pro golfers were able to make sure the amateur golfer was prepared 100%, like hitting balls in places expected of failure verses seeing the game from perfection.

“It was fun out there, never really done a practice round like that, where your playing edges, angels and in the green,” said Stephen Curry. “Nick Rousey and Taylor Moore were helpful in showing me the ropes. It was fun, to get around and enjoy some good swings and hopefully play well on Thursday.”


Photo by Eric Taylor

A cautious Curry paid very close attention while often asked questions throughout the full 18 course. He expressed he was nervous by the 16th hole, but showed no signs of fear. He kept a smile and often made jokes while walking the course with his caddies, Rousey and Moore.

Completely focused and a student of the game, Curry has been playing golf since he was 12 years old. He played in high school and continues to find time during the season a few times a month. But his biggest challenge comes Thursday. For the first time, he will tee up against professional golfers and the reality has set in.


Photo by Eric Taylor

“Obviously, I want to have fun and play well,” he explained. “I’ve experience how tough it is out here, the pressure is on. I obviously would like to make the cut, if that’s in the cards but I’ve got a lot of advice from the pros out here and the guys I know on the PGA Tour, and they basically said take your time and be patient. And just stay in the moment because a lot can happen.”

In making the cut, Curry knows he has to play his best game. Although familiar with the course at TPC Stonebrae, he knows he’s got to have less mistakes and wild shots compared to the pros whose golf game moves a lot faster than most amateurs. The course is long and hilly, so distance will be a factor in how well Curry will do.

“It would probably require me to play two of the best rounds played in my life,” Curry said when asked of his chances to qualify.


Notes – Nick Rousey is the Director of Instruction at Lost Key Golf Club in Pensacola, Florida.  For 13 years, Rousey has played professional golf on various tours, including the Tour. Rousey is excited about the opportunity to help players of every skill level improve their golf game.

Taylor Moore was one of the leading collegiate players in the country following a successful college career in golf. Moore is one of a selected few to graduate college in 2016 and earn a place in the in 2017. Exempt – He finished 2-10 at 2016 Tour Qualifying Tournament to his debut season on the Tour.


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