Defying Trump, East Bay Parks Board Supports Paris Climate Accord


In direct response to Pres. Trump’s controversial decision, the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors has voted unanimously to adopt a resolution in support of the Paris Accord – the historic global agreement reached by 195 countries to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting the rise in average global temperatures.

“The Board wanted to make it clear that climate change is not an issue of ‘if’ or ‘when’ for the Park District,” said East Bay Regional Park District General Manager Robert Doyle of the vote taken on July 5. “We are impacted by climate change now, by erosion, by sea level rising, by fires, by drought, and by other extreme weather events.”

There is widespread scientific consensus that climate change is occurring and is caused by human activity, especially the use of fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases. It has been widely recognized by governments, businesses, and academic leaders as a threat to our natural world, economy, health and quality of life.

“Climate change is happening now to our regional parks and 55 miles of shoreline,” said Doyle. “We have to address this now or taxpayers will be paying more in the long run.”

“Withdrawal from the Paris Accord would undermine the global effort to confront climate change, one of the greatest challenges facing our planet. The consequences of inaction may be irreversible and will affect all regions around the world,” added Doyle.


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