Profiles in Business: Harold Goodman and Horizon/ACE Home Health Care & Hospice


Deacon Harold Goodmand and Mrs. Chanette Goodman hosting the Horizon-ACE booth at the Allen Temple 40th Anniversary Holistic Health Fair and Job Fair, held Aug. 12.  Goodman is chairman of the event. Photo by Sue Taylor.

As a longtime member of Allen Temple Baptist Church, where he serves as a Deacon and Chairman of the Health Education Ministry, Harold Goodman has also been a partner for eight years in the Horizon/ACE Home Health Care and Hospice business now serving the greater SF Bay Area.

“Our business is to see to it that individuals and families with ongoing health conditions – whether age-related or not – get the services they need,” said Deacon Goodman.

For six years, Goodman has been a consistent member of the Tuesday night Bible study called “Brother-To-Brother,” which consists of a group of strong businessmen in the Bay Area. His group has further developed his deep spiritual commitment to his own business, to the Health Ministry at Allen Temple, and to improving community health in general.

“This Bible study group has been meeting for over 14 years, and we are constantly uplifting each other and taking our ministry out into the community,” he said.

Speaking more on his own business he noted that, “ACE is not just a ‘hospice care’ business. We provide comprehensive, patient-centered health care, including skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work, and home health aides.”

“All our care is individualized to meet our patients’ needs as prescribed and coordinated by each patient’s physician.”

ACE Home Health Care & Hospice, whose offices are located at 85 Moraga Way, Suite 200 in Orinda, CA, is a partner with their parent company Horizon Clinical Services.

Deacon Goodman believes everyone in our communities should have access to the best health care possible. “Many people do not even know the services available to them,” he said, “and many of those services are free.”

He just finished chairing the 40th Anniversary Allen Temple Holistic Health and Job Fair, which had an attendance of over 2,000 people.

Whether serving through his business or church, Deacon Goodman said, “Holistic health means economic, spiritual, educational, and physical well-being. We can’t neglect any aspect of health in our community.”

For more information on ACE Home Health Care & Hospice, call 925-258-9101.


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