Opinion: Charlottesville Injustice Motivated by Hate, Inspired by Politics


By Richard Wembe Johnson, San Quentin Prison

The recent rally at Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in the deaths of three people, points out the inability for people to air their differences in a peaceful manner.

It is hard to put a racist label on the heinous act of a senseless driver who plowed into a crowd of people to kill a woman and the resultant deaths of helicopter cops who were monitoring the demonstrators, because the root cause of this event was an expression of “White Supremacy”.

In America, people have the right to protest, but not the right to murder because one disagrees with another’s belief. Everyone is bound by the laws of the government as well as God’s laws.

The atmosphere is so profusely permeated with bigotry, hatred and racism that any semblance of reason or logic is forsaken completely and replaced with personalized and perpetual evil that corrupts any meaningful thinking

It doesn’t matter what’s their race, color or belief — absolutely no one is superior to the next person. We’re all equally precious in God’s sight.

And it is absurd to deny that one’s perplexing political views don’t play a role in these chaotic incidences.

It is clear that a concerted, unified response must be employed to put a stop to these acts of wickedly physical tyranny. To defeat these expressions of hat that were put on display in Charlottesville, Boston, Berkeley and many other places, we must coalesce and join forces around the principles of truth, equality, freedom and justice.

The true answers are with the people, spirited by God, they need only to realize it as one.

You can reach Mr. Johnson by letter: Richard Johnson K-53293, S.Q.S.P. 3 W 2, San Quentin, CA  94974.


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