Richmond’s Sergeant Larry Wills Returns Home to a Warm Welcome


Sergeant Larry Wills Jr. poses with family members, friends and community members. Photos by Joe L. Fisher.

After joining the US Army in 2009,  Richmond native Sgt. Larry Wills has returned home after eight years of active service as a Transportation/Logistics Sergeant, 88M, wheeled-vehicle operator. He has a military service record of five years overseas, two years combined fighting in two campaigns  in Iraq and Afghanistan, and three years serving in Europe at Germany’s Panzer Kaserne, Kaiserslautern.

Sgt Wills has been assigned to two Kansas based units, 1st Infantry Division, Combat Aviation Brigade (1ID-CAB) which took him to Iraq, then later the 1st Infantry’s 1st Sustainment Brigade (1ID-1SB), which carried him into Afghanistan. His most recent unit in which he served was the 21st Theater Sustainment Command (21TSC), based in Germany, where he recently finalized his active-duty military career.

“Every day that goes by, not a moment is taken for granted; remembering why we join, to supporting our nation’s call to protect and defend our U.S Constitution and freedoms,” he said.

From left to right: Lorraine Wills (mother)  Sergeant Larry Wills Jr.  and Larry Wills Sr.

He says he has humble satisfaction in knowing that he was part of the 10 percent of the United States population to join and give up everything to lead volunteering sons and daughters into battle and returning them home as national defenders. And the journey home was one to remember, after eight years of honorable service. Sgt. Willis has arranged to continue his military service in the San Francisco Bay Area for six more years in the Army Reserves.

“The welcoming ceremonies arranged was a true awaking and humbling experience”.

Sgt Wills sends his appreciation to all those involved in welcoming him home,including his companion LaCarla Jefferson, his four parent “blended family” household,  San Francisco International Airport staff, the United service organization, Warrior Watch

Riders, American Legion, and a host of other businesses and family members that helped make my welcome-home party a success.


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