Curry Surprises Kids At Bushrod Community Center


Oakland, CA – Stephen Curry, The Curry Family Foundation, Chase and Under Armor teamed up to celebrate the newly refurbished indoor and outdoor basketball courts at Bushrod Community Center in Oakland today.

The goal is to have a better place for kids to enjoy a sport Curry grew up loving. The new gym inside has a very detailed mural of many of Curry’s facial expressions and poses throughout the NBA season.

The City of Oakland Parks and Recreation has been fortunate to have several gyms refurbished in the Bay Area. Director, Nicholas Williams wants to continue to partner with more athletes and local professional teams to give back to the surrounding communities.

“We have to focus on our youth,” said Williams. “This gives our youth an opportunity to come into a safe place in having a first grade, top notch facility. It means the world to the community especially the Bushrod community.”

Curry met up to 40 kids who spend countless hours at the community center. After Curry’s introduction, he viewed student-created photography, signed autographs then held a basketball clinic outside with his trainer, Brandon Payne.

“It’s an extremely high priority for us to be able to support the next generation,” Curry said to the crowd. “To give them as many educational opportunities, as many safe haven places to come and play is important to us.

To have that physical active lifestyle that you can learn a lot about yourself, about your friends and about your community.”

Curry talked about his goals before he became a success in the NBA. He discussed his upbringing and how his parents put education first. While kids were listening intently, Curry also provided some basketball tips as well.

Curry’s Family Foundation wants to become the MECCA for creating an opportunity for communities throughout Oakland to invest in our youth. The Curry’s have been here for nine years and hope to be here longer.

“We really want to invest in the younger generation but not only that, there are so many volunteers, teachers and coaches that dedicate their lives to nurturing youth that are under valued and under appreciated.

We want to find ways to support them as well. We also want to introduce our culinary background in providing a healthy lifestyle. As well as offer scholarships to encourage a higher education.”

Next month you’ll be able to find all of this information and more on the Curry Family Foundation website when it goes live next month.  Stay tuned!


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