Prayer Bowl 2017 Hosted by Coast-to-Coast Prayer Ministry


(Left to Right – Front Row)  Sister Traleta Bradford, Pastor Geraldine Hill, Mother June Sewell and Sister Shirley Johnson; Second row: Pastor Ross Johnson, Deacon Leonard Palmore, Evangelist Lilly Humphrey, Pastor Mary Pope, Evangelist Mildred Buckley, and Prophetess Geraldine Ashley; Back row: Trustee Danny Hawkins, Deacon Lenon Humphrey, Minister Tharon Jiles, and Pastor Casey Pringle.

The members of Coast-to-Coast Prayer Ministry made their entrance into the sanctuary fired up and ready to stand in the gap for masses of people.  The Prayer Bowl included three sessions of prayers that were administered by nine spirit-led prayer warriors at Elmhust Presbyterian Church in Oakland on Oct. 14.

The other saints joined the prayer warriors corporately as they prayed for the unsaved, issues involving our nation, all levels of government, family relations, and victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, mass murders and the fire storm devastation. Other highlights of the prayer bowl were the “spoken word” given by Dr. Monica Gort and a request for individual prayers. Coast-to-Coast Prayer Ministry praises God for His faithfulness and the intervention of the Holy Spirit.


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