Part 4 – ACE/Horizon Clinical Services: How to Access Home Health Care

When faced with a catastrophic illness or injury, what does a family do?
Harold Goodman, Director of Operations at ACE/Horizon Home Health Care interviewed Dr. Brazil Carter, whose Lifelong Medical Care, Inc. practice is in Richmond, and his answers may surprise you.
Going to the hospital for acute care, perhaps after surviving a stroke or a fall, is an obvious step after a medical emergency. But what happens next.
Perhaps a skilled nursing facility comes next, but there are limits medical coverage and most families would struggle with costs after insurance runs out.
According to Dr. Carter, the ideal scenario is for a patient to end up at home, with health care professionals who teach and educate family members to assist in optimal recovery.
Director Goodman outlines home health care as: nursing and wound care; physical and occupational therapy; medical social work; speech therapy; and, home health aides, who assist the patient and family to learn how to learn to live independently again.
“A patient and their caregivers can achieve optimal recovery, if they know how to do things from managing their medication to walking, standing, and safely returning to daily tasks,” says Dr. Carter. Comfort and survival is much better at home.”
So many families make care choices based on cost, but Director Goodman points out that Medicare provides home health care services at no charge to patients and their families. And while navigating the system takes skill, the benefits are available.
Because of the current political atmosphere in the country, Dr. Carter recommends that families ask questions immediately when a medical emergency presents itself.
Director Goodman says “Always request more information because a family doctor, hospital physician, or other professional can make the proper referral to receive services.”
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