Oakland’s Sister Circle, Girl Talk, Supports Women & Creates Sisterhood

Dr Limbrick with special guest Tally founder of The In The Spirit Awards

Girl Talk, a sister circle for Christian women has emerged in Oakland supporting women and women’s issues.

Founded by Dr. Doris Limbrick, senior pastor of Oakland’s Acts Full Gospel Church of God in Christ, the organization seeks to give women much-needed bonding time in between their busy lives.

With special events and gatherings, the organization seeks to provide a space for women to relax, have fun and share wisdom and information. At monthly meetings, members are met with speakers, entrepreneurs and vendors.

Pastor Limbrick has served in full-time ministry since 1993. While she has enjoyed a thriving women’s ministry at the church, founded by her brother, Bishop Bob Jackson, Limbrick wanted to give women a forum to bring all women together.

“I believe in the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit and by reaching and teaching women right where they are is how we can grow together,” said Limbrick. “As women, we face unique issues and must find ways to come together to learn from one another where the elders pass down wisdom and the younger women help us keep up with societal changes and how we can bridge the vision we hold for ourselves, our careers, our families and our children.”

Pastor Limbrick strongly believes that all people can be saved and set free by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. She says her faith has kept her marriage to Anthony Limbrick for over 30 years and family; four adult children and eleven grandchildren strong. Limbrick also serves as the principal of Acts Christian Academy, educating youth ages K-8 with a bible based curriculum.

Formally called Operation Kick Off, the school was founded by Bishop Bob Jackson, Pastor of Acts Full Gospel Church.

Limbrick has carried forth her brother’s vision of motivating and educating toddlers to give them a healthy academic “kickoff”. Dr. Limbrick has also incorporated the development of the “complete child”.

“We use a Bible-based curriculum because we feel this is a direct connection to the success of all students, said Limbrick. “We see each child as an individual creation of God and we focus on the bio-social cognitive and spiritual being of students.”

“I want all lives to be touched by God’s glory whether it’s at our church, our school or our newly formed sisterhood circle; Girl Talk.”


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