“America Untold¨ Performance Comes to the Marsh Theater, Dec. 12


“America Untold¨ Performance comes to the Marsh Theater A performance of ¨America Untold in Times Unseen – Stories that Let the Light Come In¨ will be held Tuesday, Dec. 12, 7:30 p.m., the Marsh Theater, 2120 Alston Way in Berkeley.

¨America Untold¨ features a series of vignettes produced and performed by Stagebridge Storytellers as part of ¨Times Unseen,” the Marsh’s ongoing project to chronicle the current political turmoil and its effects on individual lives.

This one-night production showcases the Fall 10-week storytelling class directed by Jeanne Haynes for Stagebridge, Oakland, a senior theater company.

Void of rants or insults, and with barely a mention of the administration, tellers will present their personal stories impacted by current political issues.

Honing their tales into powerful succinct bite-size pieces, with music by classical guitarist Karen Sellenger, Stagebridge tellers and their topics are:

  • Susan Shampanier – Economy; Harry Santi – Endangered Species; Laurie Baumgarten – Global Warming; Stuart Korn – Gun Control; Judy Kennedy – Housing; Samir Saad – Immigration;
  • Sarah Strong – LBGT Rights; Beverly Miles – Racism; Ellen Kaufman – Reproductive Rights; Theresa Nervis – Voter Integrity; Scott Ullman -World War III?
  • Tickets are $10 – $25 sliding scale, $55 and $100 reserved seating.

For tickets and more information go to:
https://themarsh.org/times_unseen/america-untold-in-times-unseen/ or call The Marsh at (415) 282-3055.


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