Kenyan Safari Designs Offers Unique Gifts


Agnes Rigiri Baariu, owner of Kenyan Safari Design, displaying her fashions. Photo by Godfrey Lee.

Are you looking for a unique gift that no one has? Are you searching high and low for the person that already has everything?

Sometimes shopping for the perfect item is a challenge but at Kenya Safari Designs you are sure to find what nobody has – since the items are sourced directly from the Motherland”.

Located just two storefronts from the corner of 14th and Webster, Kenya Safari Designs showcases products of shea butter, essential oils, soaps and other gift items.

Owner Agnes Baariu began her business in 1999 and sold on many weekends at the Ashby Berkeley Market, but now she is enjoying her location in the heart of downtown Oakland. Baariu says she wanted to bring specialty items to the U.S. so she could share the beauty of her culture.

“My goal was to share the Kenyan culture by selling and marketing Kenyan handcrafts,” said Baariu. “I wanted to bring the most beautiful, one of a kind unique gifts made by hand to the American public.”

Baariu’s Facebook page features the many clothing designs in all sizes for adults and children.

“We provide all fair trade handmade and one of a kind crafts. Most of our products are made by Maasai and Akamba tribes. They are personally hand selected by Kenyan Safari Designs to ensure we deliver the highest quality and authentic product,” she added.
From decorative purses to elaborately beaded earrings, the store is filled from wall to ceiling with delightful artistic wares.

On Etsy, Baariu’s Safari Gift Shop page features earrings made of shells, wood, and aluminum brass earrings in the shape of the continent of Africa. She also offers Ankh earrings, beaded earrings and Maasai earrings. Ankara fabric bracelets, clutch purses and wooden bowls are also featured on her page.
Baariu also provides wholesale prices for vendors.

For more information, go to Safari Designs or call 510-827-5930.


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