Opinion: City of Oakland Snubs New Police Commission


By Rashidah Grinage

December 13, 2017 saw the inauguration of the Oakland Police Commission, which resulted from the will of the 83 percent of Oakland voters who favored Measure LL in last November’s election.

Despite this overwhelming public mandate for effective, independent oversight and supported unanimously by Oakland’s City Council, the City’s Administration couldn’t seem to mount enough effort to notify the press and the public of this auspicious and important occasion.

Nor has the City Administration been able to complete work on the enabling legislation that provides structure and guidance for the implementation of Measure LL – due to protracted behind-the-scenes talks with the Oakland Police Officers’ Association (OPOA).

We are disheartened and the City of Oakland should be embarrassed. The 83 percent of Oakland voters who supported this measure deserve better than this.



Rashidah Grinage is coordinator of the Coalition for Police Accountability




  1. Are Schaaf and her administration accountable to the police dept or to us? Schaaf, remember, thought it was swell to promote the 3 high-level officers who tanked the Guelf investigation.

  2. Police Commission meetings are held at City Hall, Council chambers, at 6:30 PM on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Check our website for additional information on the agenda, etc.
    http://www.coalitionforpoliceaccountability.com . All meetings are open to the public, unless noted otherwise. And to answer your question, Mike E — the Mayor is not accountable to the police department, but the police department is now accountable to the Police Commission, which represents the community.


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