Oakland Marches for Justice in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Rev. Ben McBride (left) addresses the hundreds of people gathered at 14th and Broadway in Oakland on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 15.
McBride’s first words to the crowd were a familiar social justice question: “when our rights are under attack, what do we do?” The crowd responded with an empassioned: “stand up fight back!”
The gathering and subsequent march was part of the Anti-Police Terror Project’s (APTP) annual “96 Hours of Direct Action.” Earlier in the long weekend, APTP organized a campout protest on Mayor Libby Schaaf’s lawn, demanding a solution to the city’s housing crisis.
In a video posted on Facebook, Cat Brooks has a conversation with Schaaf’s husband, Salvatore Fahey, the night of the campout protest. Brooks asked Fahey if he and the mayor would house someone in need in their own home. Fahey said there was no spare room in their house, but that it would be considered once their kids no longer live with them.
McBride acknowledged that there may never be another King, but that he believes there are princesses and princes and other royalty of social justice to come.


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