Shot Fired Through Window of Post Publisher Paul Cobb’s Home


A gunshot was fired through the window of Post Publisher Paul Cobb’s home last Thursday evening at 9:25 p.m. Neither Cobb nor his wife Gay Plair Cobb, who were both in the house at the time, were injured by the gunfire.

Police told Paul Cobb that a number of shots were fired about four blocks away, and the bullet that struck his house appears to have been a random shot fired by a high power rifle.
Cobb said he has no reason to believe that the gunshot was intentionally aimed at his house to injure him or his wife or to intimidate the Oakland Post.

He did express surprise and concern that the three officers who responded to his call said police protocol required them search his house—not allowing him to notify his wife, who was upstairs, that the police had arrived. But Cobb said the group, led by officer Ladd were polite and responded in a timely manner.

The officers said they had to be sure there was no hostage situation in progress in the home.


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