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The Rev. Cynthia Carter Perrilliat, MPA, and CEO of the Alameda County Care Alliance, has been described as motivational, inspirational with a passion for life and service that is absolutely contagious.

If you or a family member are dealing with a serious medical situation, recovery from surgery, or end-of-life care, do you know how to coordinate everything?

ACE Home Health Care & Hospice, a provider working with the faith-based Alameda County Care Alliance (ACCA), recommends a Community Care Navigator.

In a radio interview last year, Edgar Quiroz, partner and Vice President of ACE Home Health Care, talked with ACCA Executive Director, Rev. Cynthia Carter Perrilliat.

“We want to help members of our partner churches and individuals who may not have a church affiliation, to navigate serious health care situations, and a Community Care Navigator can do that,” said Rev. Perrilliat. “We have established five hubs where volunteers and navigators are trained.”

Allen Temple Baptist Church, Center of Hope Community Church, Glad Tidings COGIC, Family Bible Fellowship, and Greater St. John MBC are hub locations. We also have Care Navigators at, Church by the Side of the Road, Berkeley, Word Assembly, Oakland, Covenant Church, Berkeley, Bethlehem Baptist, Richmond, Parchester First Baptist, Richmond.

“We seek to empower both persons dealing with advanced illnesses and their Caregivers as well. The goal of the ACCA is to empower, encourage and advocate at a time when people need this support most.” said Rev. Perrilliat.
Community Care Navigator Alexis Owens talked about measuring the “big 5” areas of concern, “There are five areas we help to navigate. They are: spiritual support,providing support for caregivers, assistance in communicating goals with physicians and the medical staff, psychological and social support dealing with personal needs, and advanced care planning.”

Funded primarily by the Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits group and collaborating with entities such as ACE Home Health Care & Hospice, Highland Hospital, and UC Davis School of Nursing and Research, ACCA can help coordinate during challenging times.

The primary goal is “to provide support services to people who have serious advanced illness needs and to support their caregivers as well. We want to assist them in their experience —walk alongside them and provide advocacy for them. No one needs to go through serious illness alone.” says Rev. Perrilliat. Also, if any churches in the area are interested in how they might get involved, we welcome their call or email. or call 510-544-8910.

For more information about these services, contact ACE Home Health Care & Hospice at, or call 844-467-4967.


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