Airbnb Adds Black Adventures to Travel Platform


Photo Caption:  Panelists of Airbnb’s “The Evolution of Black Travel” at MoAD, Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. (left to right)   Janaye Ingram, Airbnb National Director of Partnerships, Laura Murphy, President of Laura Murphy and Associates – Senior Advisor to Airbnb, Derrick Johnson, National President of the NAACP, Evita Robinsion, CEO Nomadness Travel Tribe. 

Airbnb hosted, “The Evolution of Black Travel,” a panel discussion at the Museum of the African Diaspora last month to disucssion the history and impact of Black travelers. Moderated by Airbnb’s National Director of Partnerships, Janaye Ingram, the discussion sought to share a rare snapshot of the history of Black travelers in the United States. Speakers included Derrick Jackson, National President of the NAACP, Laura Murphy, President of Laura Murphy & Associates, Senior Advisor to Airbnb, and Nomadness Travel Tribe’s CEO,Evita Robinson.

Panelists discussed the fact that during the Jim Crow and Civil Rights eras, Black people used the Green Book, a travel guide that provided safe places and areas to avoid, due to racism and discrimination. The book cited “Sundown Towns,” which implied Black people were not welcome beyond the sunset and could be a target if met with violence and even death at the hands of white citizens, mobs, and police, with no recourse. “Through the generations travel options for Black has changed dramatically from being restricted due to historical racism and now being able to fly all over the world with options such as Airbnb,” said  Murphy.

Panelist Evita Robinson, CEO of Nomadness, shared her travel platform and new partnership with Airbnb. Robinson spoke of how her interests in traveling the world had now grown into a movement that the global travel industry now has to recognize. “Millennial are traveling the world and exploring in new ways, this new generation of travelers are a force to be reckoned with,” she said.

In the coming months, in partnership with the Museum of the African Diaspora and Nomadness Travel Tribe, Airbnb will launch a series of new Experiences, which will shine a light on Black communities and become a source of economic empowerment for hosts and their local communities around the world. The Nomadness Experiences will span Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Mexico City, and London.

“Our goal at Nomadness is to show the world that your ability to travel should never be limited by your race, gender, religious, or economic background. Airbnb is helping us make this dream a reality — and we couldn’t be more excited for the Experiences we’re building together,” said Robinson.

The Airbnb Experienced at the MOAD will allow guests to make art with the guidance of local San Francisco artists representing the African Diaspora. “We’re so excited to be working with Airbnb to help build a deeper understanding of the African Diaspora through our Airbnb Experience — which will combine contemporary art, programs, and events to show how interconnected all of our personal histories really are,” said Mark Sabb, Director and Marketing and Communications for MoAD Sabb.

Airbnb’s National Director of Partnerships, Janaye Ingram, is equally excited about the new program. “Nomadness and the Museum of the African Diaspora explore and embrace Blackness across continents and connect the stories of Black people from around the world,” said Ingram.  “I’m more excited every day about the Experiences they are bringing to our platform that will share their unique narratives and culture with others.”

New Airbnb platform Experiences, organized and led by Black hosts include learning how to DJ and mix music with DJ Lamont in San Francisco, a cultural brunch in Los Angeles, and a postcard scavenger hunt in Oakland. On the east coast, a shopping excursion with a fashion anthropologist in Harlem and a poetry workshop in the home of Langston Hughes in New York are also new travel adventures on the platform.


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