Open Letter: Why I am Running for Alameda County Auditor-Controller

By Melissa Wilk
I am running for Auditor Controller for Alameda County on the June Ballot.  Currently, I serve as the Chief Deputy Auditor-Controller for Alameda County, responsible for: controlling, auditing and reporting $3 billion in tax payer funds; directing a staff of over 200 people who serve over 125,000 walk-in customers every year in our three locations.

I enhance fiscal transparency by completing and digitizing hundreds of financial reports, records and audits and making them available to the public, and as the Official Custodian for Alameda County, I am responsible for over 25 million archived records. I have also been personally responsible for hiring every employee in the past 10 years, and I’m proud to say our office is now 85 percent minority represented and 75 percent women.

I’m running for this position because I am the most qualified candidate—I have been on the executive finance management team for Alameda County for over 15 years.  I believe in being fiscally responsible, while still supporting our progressive values.

I will continue to provide the excellence in financial reporting and transparency that has earned Alameda County the highest credit ratings possible—we are only one of two counties to have this AAA rating. Being able to borrow money at lower interest rates allows us to use those savings to address critical funding issues like affordable housing, homelessness, quality healthcare and education for everyone.

When elected to this office, I am going to hit the ground running and set up a series of community engagement meetings with the public so they understand what we do; further transparency by enhancing our website to include links to all audits and financial reports, as well as an online feedback form for citizens; and look to push our services into the communities we serve through additional satellite offices or co-locating with other public offices.

I was raised by a very liberal single mom and that experience has helped shape my values and ideals.  I will continue to bring those values into my office, and I will continue to ensure that the most vulnerable populations of Alameda County have a voice within my office.


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