The A’s honor the 1989 Championship Team


Photo by the A’s/Michael Urakami

The A’s also gave the championship team something to cheer about when they defeated the Giants 4-3 that night.  The Bay Bridge Series which began back in 1989 has become a phenom since then.  Both teams are playing good baseball this year with the A’s having the third best record in the American League.

As a native, Eckersley talked about the changes he’s seen the team go in.  

After having my number retired in 2005, that was thirteen years ago and nothing has changed as much as it has in one year. They injected some energy here which they really needed to do.  With them dragging their feet on the new ball park, I give the some credit.  If you can’t get a new ball park, you got make it happen.”

Back in the day when the 1989 team had their run, the Coliseum was packed, you couldn’t get a seat in this place.  There was a time when the A’s had sellout games everyday.  Not many fans today know what’s that like unless they went across the bridge to attend a Giants game. 

“If you’re good, they will come,” said Eckersley. 

“The changes have been great when your trying to rebuild a ball club, they way they’ve gone about it has been amazing,” Henderson said.  “You see something positive about the club now, so that’ll bring more starters to this team.”


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