Pastor Joseph Simmons Enters City Council District 4 Race


As a resident of District 4 for the past 17 years, Joseph Simmons is largely known as the senior pastor of Greater St. Paul Church in Oakland’s uptown district.

For over 23 years, he has cared for the community in numerous ways.  He founded and leads various community-based, faith and civic organizations such as SPEEDCO, IMPACT Pastors, Bay Area Benefit Organization and Organizing for Power.

“I realized it was time to take action – a different type of action that will utilize my acquired professional skills as a visionary, mediator and strategist to speak on behalf of those who are most impacted and underrepresented,” said Simmons, who  believes in advocating for disenfranchised individuals but also for working-class and middle-class people in the city.

As a councilmember, Simmons will work on:

  • Neighborhood Safety and Crime Prevention;
  • Housing Security and Homelessness;
  • Local Business Empowerment and Promotion; and Community Beautification and Public Works.

“My voice of reason and extensive relationships will help the City Council and community build partnerships around these important issues that affect all of our lives,” he said.

For more information, visit or call (510) 901-0120.



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