Mayoral Candidate Pamela Price Goes  Hands-on to Clean Oakland Streets


Mayoral Candidate Pamela Price (standing second from left) with a group of volunteers who helped clean Oakland steets.


“We need to stop the illegal dumping in our neighborhoods,” says Price

Mayoral Candidate Pamela Price  and her supporters took to the streets last Sunday afternoon to clean up the block surrounding their new campaign office at 1444 Franklin St.

Price has pledged to clean up Oakland streets if elected Mayor of Oakland.

“In my 40 years in Oakland, I have never seen the streets of Oakland look so bad,” she said.

“The neglect for our downtown business district is shameful. We need to make our downtown streets shine and stop the illegal dumping in our neighborhoods.”

The crew, including Price, picked up trash, scraped and scrubbed graffiti off of their neighbor’s windows and doors, and swept the streets.

Andrea Luna, a member of Price’s crew and president of the Toler Heights Neighborhood Association organized and led Sunday’s clean-up efforts.

“We need a mayor who cares about how our city looks and feels. Working together with our neighbors and friends will bring a new spirit of pride to our Oakland streets,” she said.

Pim Soiphong, owner of PINTOH Thai Street Food next to the campaign office, said, “As a small business owner, I’m concerned about our neighborhoods and streets being clean and safe. Our building looks terrible. It has been tagged so many times. We want something more secure.”

After the clean-up, dozens of community members were invited to the campaign office for barbecue, music and conversation.
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