A Must Try: Moussaka Kitchen

Nigun Boyar and daughter Nildal own and operate Moussaka Kitchen. Its name “Moussaka” is a special Greek recipe made with eggplant and extremely popular across the Mediterranean.
Boyar has 39 years of experience as a professional chef. She graduated from Swiss Hotel Management and from the Prealpina Culinary Institute of Lausanne in Switzerland.  Nildal has 19 years of experience and has worked in several restaurants and hotels in London.  She graduated from culinary school of Suleyman Demirel University in Turkey. She also serves as the head sous chef at Moussaka.
Moussaka Kitchen is located at 599 Dutton Avenue in San Leandro. Walk-ins are welcomed or guests can make reservations at http://moussakakitchen.com.


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