OTR II Tour Stops at Levi’s Stadium, sellout crowd goes Apesh*t


Santa Clara, CA – The duo of Beyonce’ and Jay-Z never disappoints.  The upgrades, changes and improvements they did to On The Run II was more spectacular than the first tour.  This time a more creative story brought fans into the personal lives of the biggest pop couple of this century.  Not just any story, a masterpiece comparable to a short film highlighted with credits to the end the show.

I can’t say I remember the last time I saw credits at the end of a concert but these two artists are on another level when it comes to entertainment.  The concert consisted of well-crafted film of their journey over the last five years, through trials, tribulations, and eventually, reconciliation. 

Embodying love, forgiveness, pain and family.  All the things we go through in life told through music. The hits are endless, they kicked off the show with “Holy Grail” with Beyonce’ on the hook and it was better than the original track with Justin Timberlake.  Another hit off that same album was “Part II (On the Run)” than followed an old classic “Bonnie & Clyde”

Both Beyonce’ and Jay-Z shared the stage to perform several hits together.  They ended the show with “Forever Young” and got the crowd going crazy to their new hit “Apesh*t”.  But nothing was more memorable than their individual hit songs that everyone sang along to.

“Deja Vu”, “Crazy in Love”, Run the World (Girls) and “Formation” were a few top hits that Beyonce’ along with her dancers performed.  The moves and energy was no different than performed in years past.  In fact, Beyonce’ and her dancers might be the best entertainment show in the music industry today.  The fact that she can still dance and hit her moves is amazing.

Beyonce’s most touching performance came when she sang “Resentment” a song inspired by cheating.  She talked about being hurt and not understanding why one can feel so much pain in a relationship, even questioning oneself’s own strength.  With tears in her eyes you can see her emotions that came through the song.

(Photo by Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup)

Jay-Z always commands the stage and doesn’t have do much when he performs, his swagger allows him to just rap and be great.  However he changed outfits more than Beyonce’!  The Hip Hop icon kept it festive in bright colors along with his usual black.  Jay-Z stage presence is enough by himself and he doesn’t usually have backup dancers but he had three outstanding male dancers dance along to some of his greatest hits like “Big Pimpin”, “The Story of O.J.”, “99 Problems”, and “U Don’t Know.”

This concert was unforgettable in every way, from the songs performed to the massive stage that led into a runway or the large LED screen that sat above the stage.  This iconic couple usually stays guarded and keeps their personal life private.  It’s so fascinating that they can use their art to show us they’re human just like the everyone else.  On The Run II is definitely a must see.


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