Lend A Hand Foundation to Hold Inaugural Teen Cotillion Program


Judy Matthews, a visionary of the Lend A Hand Foundation (LAHF), saw the need through its Stay In School Program to provide impoverished students a creative opportunity to become amazing achievers.

Judy Matthews, Vice President/Programs, Lend A Hand Foundation. Photo by Tom Miller.

The LAHF Teen Cotillion will be mirrored after cotillions in the Bay Area that have associated costs. The students LAHF serve are impoverished youth – meeting Federal poverty level guidelines – who would not have this social and life skills development opportunity if not for this LAHF visionary and her team of dedicated members. The LAHF Cotillion will be provided at no cost to the students and their families.

The LAHF Teen Cotillion will be an exciting 16-week program offering life enrichment and leadership development skills – as well as provide a fun time. The program is aimed at providing LAHF youth to have the same opportunity as other youth who are able to afford to wear a gown, wear a tux, and enjoy a special evening in their honor.

The youth 14 to 17 chosen for the LAHF Teen Cotillion through an application process will consist of 10 girls and 10 boys. The program will allow these youth the opportunity – again, without any cost to them or their parents – to learn, to grow, and to soar.


The students will develop many skills including effective oral communication and writing, social etiquette, and dance. The youth will attend a Gala in March 2019 where they will show off their acquired skills and share this magical evening with their families – and with you.

LAHF is seeking sponsorships for this trailblazing program.  We want the most socioeconomically fragile youth in our community to experience this opportunity that they would not otherwise have – an introduction to society armed with social skills.

For more information about LAHF, please visit our website – lendahandfoundation.org or call (510) 553-1262.


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