Equity Fund for OUSD Schools Launched to Support High Need Schools

Photo courtesy of the NY Times

A local organization, Equity Allies, has launched an “Equity Fund for OUSD schools” to address opportunity gaps and advance equity in OUSD.

The Equity Fund will raise money and generate additional support for OUSD schools facing the highest stress.  The goal is to raise $150,000 by the end of December 2018.
Ten to 15 schools will be selected based on an Equity Index to receive the funds in January 2019, and funds will be available for these school communities to use at their discretion.

The Equity Fund provides a way for Oaklanders to demonstrate they care about all of the district’s kids, not just their own kids or those who live in their own neighborhood.

To donate, go to www.classy.org/give/204499/#!/donation/checkout

For more information, visit www.equityalliesforousd.org



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