Cat Brooks Shares Solutions for Housing and Jobs


The Cat Brooks for Oakland mayoral campaign released the first two in a series of policy platforms created in partnership with impacted communities, on housing and jobs.

The campaign developed the platforms altering holding over a dozen “people’s assemblies” on issues including education, housing, sanctuary and public safety, as well as assemblies led by and focused on the needs of youth, African-Americans, and LGBTQ and Native communities.

“The UN’s Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing described the homelessness crisis in our city as ‘systemic cruelty,” said Brooks. “We have a moral obligation to immediately provide safe, dignified shelter for ALL while we work to build truly affordable workforce housing. This platform represents the people of Oakland’s solutions for how to live up to that moral obligation.”

The housing and jobs platforms include practical yet unaddressed solutions like:

  • Adopt limits on short-term rentals
  • Implement stronger renter assistance programs and protections and expand the number of landlords accepting Section 8
  • Use public lands for tiny homes and City-owned buildings for transitional housing with wrap-around services
  • Establish RV sites and safe parking
  • Make public lands available for affordable housing development
  • Streamline permitting and allow greater height/density and reduced parking (especially on transit corridors) for affordable housing projects
  • Increase funding for affordable housing through fees for development
  • Recruit B Corporations to increase access to just and equitable employment opportunities
  • Install our own broadband network and municipal internet service provider
  • Create a public bank to create resources for job training programs, infrastructure investments and capital for local, small businesses
  • Increase the gross receipts tax for big business in order to provide more support for small businesses
  • One-stop shops for all permitting to support small businesses

“Too many people have to work multiple jobs to barely make it through the end of the month,” said Brooks. “Oaklanders need good paying jobs close to home, and this means recruiting progressive companies that hire locally and pay living wages. Oakland also needs to work with other cities to create a public bank that will help us invest in Oakland.”



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