Visiting Raw Food Chef Makes Healthy Food Delicious


Owner of Atlanta’s Raw Reality Restaurant Brings Punany Wrap to Oakland

Tassili Maat, the raw food chef from Atlanta, Ga., will present “Let’s Get Raw,” on Sunday at the Alena Museum in West Oakland.

Tassili Maat holds a huge bowl of raw kale and other ingredients often used in her recipes. (Photo courtesy of Tassili Maat)

The event will run from 1-5 p.m. at 2527 Magnolia St. to learn about her journey to a vegan/raw food diet and how viewing food as medicine can help you get the health you want.
“Oakland has shown me so much love,” Maat said, who has held a pop-up and some lectures since her arrival to help with the impending birth of her sixth grandchild.
Love drives Maat’s vision as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. Of her famous Punany Wrap –kale, corn, karamu, goji berries, raisins and coconut- wrapped in seaweed or a wheat tortilla – love is the main ingredient, she says.
Free and open to the public Sunday’s pop-up will include entertainment and wares from local vendors. The plates range in price from $5-$15. “I want people to get in where they fit in.”
An Atlanta resident for more than 30 years, Maat is the owner and chef at Tassili’s Raw Reality Restaurant, the vegan and raw food restaurant located in a big yellow house in Atlanta’s Historic West End. Since 2011, it has been one of Atlanta’s premier vegan and raw food restaurants and the “go to” spot for healthy, fresh food and positive eclectic vibrations.
“I want people to experience food as medicine deliciously, people who don’t like kale are blown away,” Maat said.
Chef Tassili Maat’s signature plate, the Punany Wrap features avocado, tomato, kale, corn, coconut and berries. (Photo courtesy of Tassili Maat.)

After catering and vending for years, Maat opened Raw Reality’s doors on Jan. 1, 2011. That was the seventh day of Kwanzaa, Imani. The Swahili word for “faith,” this was the starting principle for the restaurant and continues to permeate the spirit of Tassili’s Raw Reality, as well as her other business endeavors.
She not only owns a restaurant that nourishes peoples’ bodies, but also provides natural hair care and henna body art services which she has done since 1978. She also offers spiritual counseling services, Kundalini Yoga Instruction, and massage therapy. Her knowledge of nutrition and history makes her an advocate for a healthier lifestyle and people really enjoy her informative Raw Food classes and demos. Tassili’s first “un-cook book,” “Passion on a Plate,” a delightful medley of Raw Alchemy is available.
For more information, please call (678) 886-5929 / Email ~ [email protected]
Love is the main ingredient. Consists of organic whole wheat tortilla or seaweed famous original kale, karamu couscous (soaked not cooked) raisins, coconut, goji berries, sweet coconut corn, (organic non-gmo corn, sweetened with agave, topped with tomato and avocado.


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