Upcoming Hiring Events for Bus and Truck Drivers, Food Service and Healthcare Workers

Oakland Private Industry Council (PIC) hosts a hiring event.

Oakland Private Industry Council (PIC) hosts a hiring event.

The Oakland Private Indus­try Council (PIC) will host AC Transit recruiters in January, dates to be announced. The company is recruiting for nu­merous positions and has many openings for bus operators.
AC Transit will provide in­formation sessions and work with PIC to prepare candidates for successful applications and interviews. AC Transit trains its operators and offers benefits and paid time off to employees.
Other companies are also re­cruiting for varied jobs includ­ing truck driver, senior helpers, insurance agents and service positions at Levys Restaurants at Oracle Arena. The positions at Oracle work the Warriors schedule, as well as special events. The jobs are stewards, dishwashers and retail clerks. They pay minimum wage plus tips.
Trucking companies that are hiring include Oak Harbor Freight Lines, MTS, Michael’s Transportation, and Corovan. Senior Helpers offers positions throughout the East Bay for in-home caregivers. Colonial Life has a dozen openings for agents who can learn the insurance business and become certified to manage their own accounts. Another employer that has openings is Managed by Q, which is recruiting for clean­ers, administrative assistants, helpers and handymen and women.
Smaller firms have va­cancies as well. Eco Haul is looking for drivers to haul de-construction materials. Mr. Sparkle is hiring window cleaners. Corovan is hiring furniture assemblers and driv­ers.
The Private Industry Coun­cil hosts employers at it three sites, 268 Grand Avenue, 1801 Adeline and 7200 Bancroft Ave. – all in Oakland. Reg­istration and orientation for services at 268 Grand Ave. is held on Tuesdays, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The PIC office will be closed New Year ’s Day.


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