Michelle Obama’s Book Tour Will Continue In 2019

Michelle Obama talks to a reader as she signs a copy of her new book while on tour last month.

Michelle Obama talks to a reader as she signs a copy of her new book while on tour last month.

There’s no stopping Mi­chelle Obama now. The for­mer first lady, whose memoir “Becoming” quickly rose to be the most sold hardcover book of 2018, is extending her tour well into next year.
“I’ve been so humbled by the response to the tour thus far and the overwhelming interest we’ve received from so many communities we weren’t able to visit this year,” Obama told People.
“That’s why I’m thrilled that we’re able to expand our conversations to these new set­tings and wider audiences,” she said. “I can’t wait to con­tinue the discussions that have been so meaningful for me and, I hope, for so many others.”
Obama announced last month that she’s adding 21 new tour dates in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Some of the cities include Portland, OR; Phoenix, AZ; Austin and Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; and Nashville, TN. The tour will also take the former first lady to Denmark, Sweden, France, and the U.K.
“Becoming” has sold more than 3 million copies in the U.S. and Canada alone.
Ever since the memoir’s re­lease, Obama has been praised for taking readers with her on an intimate journey about her life. She has been candid about ev­erything from how her daugh­ters Malia and Sasha were con­ceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) to how she feels Presi­dent Donald Trump put her family at risk by peddling the debunked conspiracy theory that her husband, former Presi­dent Barack Obama, wasn’t born in the United States.
On tour, Obama has also been candid about the chal­lenges she’s faced as a Black woman in America. Early in December, she was frank about the unrealistic expecta­tions society pushes on work­ing women, particularly those who are mothers. “That whole ‘so you can have it all.’ Nope, not at the same time,” Obama said. “That’s a lie. And it’s not always enough to lean in, be­cause that sh– doesn’t work all the time.”


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